Time-saving Safety Sureness

Global Logistics Service

It is our motto to respond, in our full capacity and with best knowledge, to the Logistics needs of any sort as for Export, Import, Custom clearance, Harbor/Land Transportation.

Also, in addition to our own logistics team, we, as a global logistics company, are still Developing a global network through tying-up with the prominent companies, at major ports, domestics and abroad.

We are putting into action the in-depth service of total transportation far from the Production points to consumers on the other end crossing the horizon.

Daily Changing International Logistics Positively responding to any sort of needs of the Customers.

Port of Kobe, Japan, is undergoing the newly conceived Harbor-city in order to respond to the Age of Globalization such as the newly opened Kobe Airport highly advanced multi-functioning harbor system and the urban facility.

We, based at the Port of Kobe as Key port of Japan, are endeavoring to realize the better automation and control system of the harbor stevedoring. Also, amid the turbulent international logistics world, we are determined to respond to any kind of needs of customer with the team of excellent manpower and advanced facility.